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Customer Focus

A comprehensive view of all aspects of a customer relationship will help you provide your customers with product offers tailored to their needs. Data-driven knowledge building and pervasive data analytics will support you.

Flexible Organization

We adapt to your business processes, not the other way around. This increases acceptance and performance, ensures faster implementation of changes and innovations, faster market entry and thus a lead over your competitors.

Innovative Environment

The integration of IT and business in agile scrum teams shifts structural boundaries, combines marketing and technology and promotes the creativity and dynamics of your employees and thus the continuous optimization of your products and services.

Product Transformation

Your customers demand customized products and services that are available anytime, anywhere. We help you meeting these requirements through mobile communication, community knowledge and shared digital services.

What we offer

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Arena Digital Platform

Your Digital Workplace

Big Data Analytics

Automated storage, analysis and visualization of large amounts of data to improve management decisions.

Order Management

Collection, bundling and forwarding of securities orders from various processes and order book.

Compliance Management

Workflow for monitoring compliance rules with problem-solving processes and automatic warning and escalation mechanisms.

Legally Compliant Advice

User-friendly processes for customer-centric investment advice and PIB management in line with all regulatory requirements.

Portfolio Management

Detailed asset analysis, monitoring of portfolio rules, development of investment strategies. Management of model portfolios.

Client Management

Onboarding process with analysis of all relevant customer data, overall portfolio, potential and prospect management.

Digital Economy

The term “digital economy” was coined in 1995 to describe how the Internet would change the way we do business. Since then, it has expanded at record speed into a universe of its own. We are only at the beginning of a development whose further course can only be presumed. At the end of 2018, more than half of the world’s population was online, a similar number owned a smartphone and a third was active in at least one social network. The trend is still increasing and affects all ages, ethnic groups, regions and lifestyles. The “digital economy” is a young, dynamic multi-billion dollar ecosystem based on a constantly improving technological infrastructure, increasingly intuitive devices and interfaces, global consumer and provider networking and an unlimited range of possibilities, including for digital banking.

Big Data Analytics

We all produce gigabytes of data every day. This data is an essential resource for modern applications in the digital economy. They allow us to communicate with our customers in a contextual and personalized way, anytime and anywhere, in the way the customer desires. We help you leverage this resource to create competitive advantage with an intelligent analytics strategy to enhance your business model.

Digital Assets

Crypto currencies represent a digital asset that can serve as an alternative instrument of payment, directly, securely through encryption, anonymously and without the intervention of intermediaries. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) can be created as a financial instrument, a security or an investment. We support you in the selection and implementation of the appropriate instrument for your purposes.

Digital Banking

Digital disruption is the challenge of today’s markets. Increasing cost pressure with decreasing margins puts traditional business models under pressure. Sustainable growth requires new approaches that focus on the customers and provide them with relevant experiences and results. The creation of intelligent digital networks which connect customers, employees, products and services will completely change our business world.

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