Compliance Management

Compliance Monitor – Permanent Control of Compliance Rule Breaches

  • Compliance Monitoring
    Control of all predefined constraints based on business rules by means of daily regular ex-post as well as in-process ex-ante checks encompassing the following areas for portfolios, total assets and clients:
    • Tactical and strategic asset allocations based on product tree
    • Allocation by risk factor, currency, risk currency, region
    • Position size, position locks
    • Threshold
    • Appropriateness, suitability and target market
    • Pending renewals or periodical checks
  • Comment and download function
    A comment and download function is included.
  • Resolution Process and Task Manager
    Given results on predefined checks, both with or without a violation, can be monitored and commented. Selected items can be downloaded to Excel to support further processing. The results are automatically linked to the Task Manager providing the basis for an end-to-end monitoring of the resolution process.
  • External Rule Checks
    Results of externally monitored rules can also be integrated.

Threshold – Overnight Control and Reporting of Loss Thresholds

  • Business Process
    Fully automated creation of threshold processes based on overnight control of loss thresholds. Role based process model encompassing all involved business units (RM, BO, Compliance) with automated intraday escalation. Encompassing MiFID compliant control of Maximum Loss for Portfolio and hedged Instruments based on Breach Date or Highwater Mark.
  • Security and Reliability
    Legal certainty provided by fully controlling the entire process chain, automatically enforcing print and postal dispatch at a given time (guaranteed same day delivery). 4 eyes principle for rejection (e.g. in case of mispricing) with full restart and recovery capability.
  • Process Efficiency
    Fully automated, scheduled generation of cover-letters and client performance reports.
  • Process Flexibility
    Automated creation and dispatching of control lists via email. Free choice of control frequencies (MtD, QtD HYtD and YtD) supported through the rules engine.

Task-Manager – End-to-end Workflow Based Monitoring of the Issue Resolution Process

  • Task Manager
    Workflow based monitoring of the resolution process of all active issues regarding the following areas:
    Clients, Processes, Portfolios and Assets
  • Problem Resolution Process
    The rule based monitoring covers the following compliance areas:
    • Personal milestones and complaints
    • Pending items, renewals
    • Anti Money Laundering
    • Performance thresholds, asset allocation bandwidths
    • Portfolio risk and value at risk
    • Customer portfolio benchmark and performance deviation
  • Process Overview
    Issues can be sorted, filtered and grouped for better monitoring. Issues will remain in the system until they are resolved, which is done automatically by the compliance monitor. Issues can be commented and assigned to other persons, issue specific detailed information can be accessed.
  • Automated Escalation Process
    Every issue will be monitored based on rules and escalated automatically to team head, management and compliance if issues remain unattended. Users can allow a grace period to avoid further escalation.
  • Graphical Presentation of Issue Status
    Provided for the purpose of a better and easier monitoring.

Process Dashboard

  • Process Overview
    The management console provides an overview of all user relevant active business processes with full control over user and process specific authorizations. Provides process specific information that can be used for sorting and filtering. Filters can be defined individually and saved by the user for later access. Depending on the process specific status, the respective process can be managed and locked by the user for exclusive access.
  • Comment and Download Function
    Active processes can be monitored and commented. The selected elements can be downloaded to Excel for further processing. Escalated processes are automatically linked to the task-manager and thus provide the basis for continuous monitoring of the problem solution.
  • Archive Access
    Inactive processes that have already been archived for legal reasons can be accessed directly via individual filters.
  • Security and Reliability
    Automatically and continuously documented process at all times. 4-eyes principle for every important process step.