Reporting and Dispatch Control

Client Reporting – Client Specific Portfolio and Reports Sets

  • Flexible Client Specific Report Sets
    All single reports can be compiled into individual Report Sets. In addition, these Report Sets can be enhanced with comprehensive information such as market outlook, indices and benchmarks. Report Sets can be assigned to mandates, portfolio addresses and reporting frequencies.
  • GIPS Compliancy
    Reporting provides the calculation of pre-tax / after-tax MWR and TWR. Composites and carve-outs are formed on all levels of the portfolio aggregation. Calculation and drill-down to single instrument level is based on a built-in multi currency attribution model.
  • Benchmarking
    Multi constituents benchmark construction with automated rebalancing and benchmark cloning.
  • Funds Look-through
    Simple XML based interface allows the import of detailed funds positions. Detailed overview of the fund’s assets can be limited to clients holding a respective funds position.

Dispatch control – Turntable for Dispatch Channels

  • Installation of Multiple Dispatch Channels
    Define individually which document types (Investor Profile Questionnaire, Advisory Minutes, Customer Reporting, Investment Proposals etc.) or messages and alerts will be sent to the customer via which channel.
  • Automated Output Control
    The dispatch control automatically ensures the correct format depending on the selected dispatch channel – the document for the printing line differs from the document to be sent by e-mail. This customer specific agreement is overridden both by the system wide permissible dispatch channels and by the dispatch channels available for the individual customer.
  • Adoption of Specifications in Other Business Processes
    Within our business processes, the agreements made here are available as default values, but can also be replaced by other possible shipping agreements on an individual basis.

MyDrive – Postbox – Archive – Digital interface between Customer and Advisor

  • Electronic Postbox
    Final destination of all Arena created customer documents: PIB, KIID, Investor Profile Questionnaire, Advisory Minutes, adhoc and regular client reporting. Documents can be reviewed and manually released to the client postbox.
  • Responsive Postbox
    Actions on stored documents (like open, accept, etc.) will be recognized by the system to continue with end-to-end processing to seamlessly integrate the client tasks into the business process model.
  • MyDrive Documents
    Local documents can be uploaded manually to a user-defined folder structure. Documents can be tagged to define favourite documents.
  • External Interfaces
    Externally created documents like account statements or transaction notes created in the core system – can be uploaded to the postbox. Access to DMS stored documents via the postbox is possible via the respective DMS interface.