Omni-channel Communication

Arena PC / Tablet – Desktop

  • Desktop – Packaged App
    The desktop app is built based on Electron, providing an encapsulated chrome browser as a deployable app. Packages are available for Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Tablet – Browser Based App
    Full touch support through responsive design.
  • Windows-like Design
    Full screen or multiple windows environment with overlay and customizable setup for zoom and window location.
    Apps are started via launchpad or desktop icons, currently active windows are shown and you can switch between them.
  • Grid View
    Every grid holding information can be sorted, filtered and grouped, and the customizable view can be individually stored.
  • Alerting and Messaging
    Number of unread messages and alerts are shown to the user.
  • Global Search
    Search for any object (client, portfolio, security) at one place.

Arena Mobile Solution

  • Mobile Client
    The Mobile Client gives your customer a quick overview over his financial assets. All reports provided in the desktop application are also available to the customer any time, any place.
  • See what my Client Sees
    Advisors can also use our Mobile Client to see what their client sees.
  • Mobile Chat
    Chat functionality between the customer and his team
  • Timeline
    Timeline widget to access your documents, files, reports and chat history easily via filtering date, name, file type etc.
  • Alerts/ Notifications
    You can send smartphone notifications like alerts, important information, news feed and market prices directly to your customer.

Arena Messenger – Realtime Communication

  • Private Messaging Platform
    Private Cloud based messaging platform based on Signal. High-end security through end-to-end encryption (2048 bit) via WebRTC.The Messenger encompasses the following benefits:
    • Platform Independent
      Client is available for different browsers, Win App, iOS and Android.
    • Chat
      Individual and group chat with file transfer capabilities. Fully encrypted voice and video conferencing with up to ten participants.
    • Web Meeting / Webinar
      Connects advisors, specialists and clients through screenshare to discuss shared documents and enables direct advisor to client communication.
    • Auditability
      Individual setup of recording capabilities (start-stop, voice only etc.).
    • Compliant Video Identity Check
      Full legal compliancy for digital onboarding.

Dispatch Control – Turntable for the Dispatch Channels

  • Installation of Multiple Dispatch Channels
    Define individually which document types (Investor Profile Questionnaire, Advisory Minutes, Customer Reporting, Investment Proposals etc.) or messages and alerts will be sent to the customer via which channel.
  • Automated Output Control
    The dispatch control automatically ensures the correct format depending on the selected dispatch channel – the document for the printing line differs from the document to be sent by e-mail. This customer-specific agreement is overridden both by the system-wide permissible dispatch channels and by the dispatch channels available for the individual customer.
  • Adoption of Specifications in Other Business Processes
    Within our business processes, the agreements made here are available as default values, but can also be replaced by other possible shipping agreements on an individual basis.